3.14DC is a trusted advisor managing creative food & retail teams for investors, stakeholders, and entrepreneurs looking for full or fractional support.

3.14DC was launched to fill a void in helping stakeholders manage creative food and/or retail teams to create a project roadmap to set a vision and create a strategy –  before a space is located and a lease is signed.   3.14DC  provides full or fractional support to work with stakeholders to keep a project on-track.

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Taking time to discover what you know, research and observe what you don’t, and aggregate the information with the stakeholders’ team to create a common language and understanding of important project data.



Human-centered places put people first! We use the human lens to view the discovered data. This acts as the basis for planning and programming nourishing spaces.



Start to finish. Wherever you are in the process, we plan and manage the teams to get your project completed on time and on budget.

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We work with individuals, small and large companies alike.

We are a certified Women Owned Business (WBENC) and certified Small Business.

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Operational & Customer Service Model

Evaluate operational and customer service goals against business goals.

Market & Menu

Gather trends – national, regional, and local

Infrastructure & Operations

Analyze existing facilities and real estate planning


Test programming scenarios against all day parts and experiences.


Customer and Operations Journey

From the entry thru the back of the house and onto the loading dock, we work with your team to integrate all the key elements in the project plan.

Dream It. Build It.

With the discovery foundation completed, the real estate evaluated, and the facilities assessed, we can now dream about the “what ifs”.

Is Feasibility Reality?

With a plan that is rooted in sound, dream big ideas, the team can create proforma scenarios for capital planning, operational costs, and phasing of the project.

Creating the Nourishing Places Road Map for Success!

The Road Map is an illustrated schedule and plan that lays out and integrates all key elements of a Dynamic Plan to share with the project and design team, as a basis for RFP, or a part of a greater campus master plan.

execution execution execution

Project Management and Oversight


We don’t leave you hanging

When it is time to launch your project into the final design, permitting, and construction, we will work with your team or connect you with our partner Dynamikspace, operations, facilities, architectural, and construction teams.

3.14DC can act as a project manager with the project stakeholders to execute the project to its opening.

Start to finish

3.14DC can manage and coordinate the project team, schedule, budget, operations, menu, and culinary integration.

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Meet Mel

Melanie Corey-Ferrini
The Driver

Melanie Corey-Ferrini

Melanie Corey-Ferrini has been creating intelligently designed food & retail experiences for over 15 years. By using her years of experience and knowledge in the world of culinary strategic planning, retail and restaurant analysis, food hall ideation, and menu to equipment alignment, Melanie’s launch of 3.14DC brings a sustainably successful approach to advising stakeholder teams. With expertise in foodservice, retail planning and programming, architecture and design, food systems and indoor farming, operations and real estate facilities planning, she has been leading teams to design intelligent experiences for over 15 years. Melanie’s launch of 3.14DC brings a sustainable and inclusive approach to planning and project management.

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We work with individuals, small and large companies alike.

We are a Consulting firm with a sustainability lens.  We believe that our services provide results, social and community impact, and equitable thinking. We will ask you to pay for our services AFTER we have provided deliverables on your project. If you are not satisfied and do not see the value, you can let us know and you will not pay for services rendered.

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