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Expedia Campus Café and Retail

Working in collaboration with the client’s facilities, real estate group, corporate and building architects, and client stakeholders, Melanie partnered with Dynamikspace, Garrett Lennon [JLR Group], and Russ Benson [Innovative Hospitality] to create innovative food service and retail solutions that work.


  • Analyze different food service and operational models, program collaborative spaces adjoining retail and food spaces relative to all day parts, research local culinary trends and competitive audits.
  • Create space plans and allocation for back of the house and front of the house
  • Determine locational placement on campus for most efficient infrastructure and real estate flexibility, as well as, alignment with Building and Health codes.
  • Create schedule for successful launch.
  • Collaborating with an operational consultant, subsidy scenarios were analyzed relative to participation and maximizing day parts of service.
  • 3D café studies to determine sustainable solutions, maximum thru-put, customer flow, and aesthetic preferences relative to the unique attributes of the demographic and location.