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Urban Agriculture Community Education

Urban Agriculture Community Education

3.14DC is working to empower the city’s consumers to grow their own foods and build a better food system.

Over the last five years, the foodservice design process “has definitely led more to agricultural, food-system solutions as it relates to a restaurant or a cafe. We are planning and programming operations and facilities. And, we are working closely with local non-profits and high schools to launch indoor agriculture training and education programs.

3.14 DC has combined indoor agriculture and technology to address the growing interest in controlled environment agriculture (CEA). One of our recent design concepts, “Where Grains & Greens Meet,” is a touchless, micro food stall with an in-house garden to provide fresh ingredients for customers.

To provide education and training in the Seattle area, 3.14DC partners with local youth and adult organizations to develop skills in urban agriculture and agriculture technology industries. By teaching how to utilize urban gardens and grow their own food, we believe that we can help local businesses become more in tune with the food growing business cooperative opportunities that exist locally.

314DC creates business models for underutilized real estate to maximize all dayparts with 24-hour growing cycles. We plan and program these spaces for CEA education and business incubators.

Our work on urban agriculture has been recognized by Food Tank. Read the article here.